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How to Award Classroom Grants?  


FI Consultant Suzi
Joined: 1 month ago
Posts: 4
22/06/2020 5:31 pm  

Kristy Brischke of Temple Education Foundation would like to know how you currently award grants and/or how you will award them in the coming year if COVID impacts our ability to enter the classrooms. In the past, TEF has awarded their grants at the convocation assembly at the beginning of the year but are considering other ways to award the grants. How do you/ how will you award classroom grants this coming year? 

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Robin Ritchey-Roy
Joined: 6 days ago
Posts: 3
30/06/2020 9:33 pm  

This past spring the Calallen Education Foundation awarded our spring grants by video.  Basically, we recorded a video of a Board member holding a big check and talking about the winner and what the grant was for.  We then emailed the video to the winner as well at their teaching team.  The videos were also placed on social media.  Each Board member that wanted to participate was able to record at least one video.  This also gave our Board members some extra exposure.


Robin Ritchey-Roy

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