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Virtual Gala Sponsorships  

FI Consultant Maya
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Due to Covid-19, we are moving our annual fall gala to a virtual event. Have other organizations had to do this as well and if so, do you have any suggestions on soliciting sponsors for a virtual event?

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Joined: 8 months ago
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We moved to a virtual gala event, 2 weeks prior to actually holding our annual event.  Although we had sponsors already in place we were able to successfully move and satisfy our sponsors with a multi level online and print marketing strategy.  The event is still unfolding with a virtual silent auction along with a second part featuring dinner, live auction and speakers to be held in the fall.   The feedback from our sponsors thus far from the virtual event part has been very positive.  We utilized print marketing advertisements that would have been featured in banners and within the print event program.  We featured these sponsor ads on social media, our website and in three types of print ranging from prominent community signs, business posters and in press releases.  Additionally to promote and maintain our sponsors we have began to incorporate all sponsors into a year long sponsorship instead of a designated event sponsor.  The response to date has been very positive, no one has asked for a return and even a couple of new interest inquiries for Sponsorship opportunities. 

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