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I am looking to see what others may be thinking about in regard to in-person fundraising events. We have our Tinsel & Trivia event in early December. Typically we have over 300 people attend. I am looking to see what others might be thinking about in regard to galas, dinners...any event that is in-person with a large number of people.

Hi Lisa! This is a crystal ball answer for sure. I think the more rural areas are moving forward with face-to-face events/meetings. Those in suburban and urban areas tend to be less inclined. You might entertain a quick poll from your typical attendees to see which they prefer. A little data may help you and the board with a better understanding of your attendees and how it will affect your event. There are very creative virtual fundraising events taking place and honestly raising as much or more than previous events. Hope this helps.

Laurie Cromwell

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We area currently moving forward our event, scheduled for late September. But, we are doing satellite locations - so our 300 persons will be divided into 4-5 smaller locations. The program will be pre-recorded so each location is getting the same content. Think "mega-church" with multiple campuses! This will then be easy to transition to virtual if we need to. I don't know....I'm nervous about in-person, so would love to hear what others are thinking too. 


Our event was scheduled for September and we postponed until February. I think the idea you have is very creative. I cant wait ti hear about how it goes, good luck!

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