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Coupons with donations?  



Hi! I am needing guidance on Coupons with Donations...?

My development committee is working on *new incentives* for our employee drive. They are in favor of "Ed Fund Bucks". The Ed Fund Bucks are worth $10 off any and all 2020 merchandise. The goal is to increase employee recurring giving by 35% this year. The hope is if employees can apply the "Ed Fund Bucks" to the adorable swag, we are adding recurring donors and have additional advertising 🙂

NOTE: The only way ANYONE can get "MERCH" is with a donation. Our organization does not sell goods.

Please help! Does this sound right?

We have been giving "free dress" coupons for recurring donations. One day per month is designated on the coupon. We give a sheet of coupons for the entire year. They can wear jeans to work on the designated day as long as they have their coupon with them. They have to make a minimum of $10 per month donation to receive the coupons.

3 Answers

If you don't sell items, I'm not sure how the Ed Fund Bucks work since you said you can only get swag through a donation.


Hi Teresa! The Ed Fund Bucks are part of an employee drive, to reboot employee giving between July 31st - August 30th. The hope is that by having the coupon, we will get employees excited about partnering with the organization. 


I am very much on the fence with the idea. Do you have any suggestions to make this REBOOT better? 


It's not uncommon for EFs to offer recognition items at different levels as a "thank you" gift. For example, $2 monthly donors get a logo pencil, $6 monthly gift gets a staff drive tshirt, etc. Would it work to just offer gifts at certain levels? It seems like giving gifts at levels might be a simpler solution if you aren't selling items to anyone else anyway. Plus, I always lose coupons or let them expire. 🙂 

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