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11/04/2018 5:13 pm  

Seeking input from the network on galas:

We have a rather large Awards Banquet, full dinner, etc. We award scholarships, Top Ten students from each HS and their chosen teachers.

Finding enough funding to make this event profitable is getting more and more difficult. I have heard that some districts actually support endeavors like this. If you receive funding what does that look like. 

Do you have a gala?

Does it also include the top ten?

Does the district support it financially (how much), or do they pay for admin participation?

If you don’t do a gala, how do you handle your scholarships awards and donor recognitions?

Michelle Coburn

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11/04/2018 7:54 pm  

In Corsicana, we have both a gala (only fundraising event) and a top 10% banquet (Distinguished Scholars – program, not a fundraiser).

Our gala in the fall is a semi-formal/black-tie optional fundraiser, and is the only “event” fundraiser we removed link The rest of funds raised are through non-events (employee campaign, annual drive, memorials, removed link ).  This October will be our 7th  removed link

Our top 10% banquet was named after a founding board member – the Gioia Keeney Distinguished Scholars Banquet – held each removed link   This will be our 15th one next removed link   It is not a fundraiser, but we do take “sponsors” or underwriters for the removed link   We usually have two removed link   One pays about $2,000, as they cover the cost of the program book, and the other is a $2,500 gold sponsor, so we get about $4,500 of the event covered, and it costs an additional $10,000 out of our removed link   We use unrestricted funds raised during the year for that removed link   We do not sell ads in the program book, but we do give ads to each sponsor (inside cover and back cover).  And we do not sell sponsor tables, but we invite representatives from each of the sponsors to removed link   They rarely attend unless they know a student or educator removed link

We do not provide student  removed link   There are a couple of nonprofits in town (including one large one that is scholarship only run through our district – Collins Scholarship), and they are all handed out at the high school awards removed link

The district doesn’t support either of these events financially, as they are our programs for the removed link   They do provide me (I’m a district employee – but half foundation/half communications), as the executive removed link   This is the first year since I came in May 2012 that the foundation is paying half of my removed link   And they will provide staff to help us setup at gala, superintendent usually does closing at banquet, removed link

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25/04/2018 8:45 pm  

We have a gala as a removed link   We tried to acknowledge key people in the past but found it was hard to keep the attention of removed link   Our Chamber of Commerce celebrates our top 10 students and asks the community to "sponsor their seat and a mentor".  If we have a top 10 student that has a parent of the foundation we sponsor the removed link