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Employment Structure with ISD  


Michel Hudson, CFRE
Joined: 6 days ago
Posts: 1
30/06/2020 4:32 pm  

I'm curious how many education foundations have staff (especially Executive Directors) that are employed by their school districts vs. those with staff that are employed separately by the foundation. The issues that come up with both scenarios would be good discussion points.


Michel Hudson
Board President
Pflugerville Education Foundation

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Suzi Pagel - Midway EF
Joined: 4 weeks ago
Posts: 4
30/06/2020 10:26 pm  

I am a district employee, with 49% of my time devoted to EF and 51% to either district partnerships or a combination of district and EF initiatives to engage our community. I am grateful to be employed by the district so that I can receive employee benefits that most small NPOs can't offer. I also believe that by being a district employee, I am more knowledgeable about the district and their goals. This helps me to identify how the EF can assist in meeting ISD goals and to be able to help communicate that information more effectively to the community. 

Another thing that my Board members have often said is that more of the donor's contribution goes back to the classroom because the district has invested in the personnel. It shows that the district is invested in the partnership with the EF as well. 

Teresa Benden College Station EF
Joined: 1 month ago
Posts: 3
01/07/2020 2:43 pm  

I am also a district employee but reimburse the district for 45% of my salary as well as my administrative assistant's salary.  I like what Suzi said above.  It's a great perk to be a district employee and it also makes me feel more a part of the district team.  We do have two part-time employees who are paid as contract labor from the Foundation at 100%.  I think you're going to find lots of hybrids out there.

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