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Aplos-Fund Accounting Software  

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I am looking at a platform called Aplos. My first question is, does anyone use this platform?

We were looking to add a text to donate platform but I don't want 3 different platforms that we have to worry about integrating with every donation. This platform is kind of an all in one. It does CRM, full Fund accounting, online donations forms, text to donate, bulk texting, customized email letters/thank you's, email receipts etc.  We currently use Quickbooks online and Donor snap. I have researched this and talked with them several times and it seems wonderful. It also is very cost-effective. 

Can you let me know if you use it or have used it?

Thank you!

Joined: 8 months ago
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Kim - I have not heard of them.  Interested to find out what you learn.  keep us updated!

Randy Lewallyn - Mesquite ISD ED
Joined: 8 months ago
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Have not heard of this.

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