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Virtual Auction Events Takeaways  


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15/06/2020 8:15 pm  

Having to hold a virtual auction event, we learned some valuable lessons and gathered some great insight prior, during and after the event.  1. MARKET, MARKET, MARKET and Market.  Can't say that enough.  We learned to post and ask for shares to invite "friends" to join in the fun.  Consider offering a small "share prize drawing".  2.Give shared interest information to specific supporters to ask for contributions/donations.  This one strategy generated several supporters to seek out specific areas of interest for friends and family members to join them in their support.  3. Another great takeaway, GREAT CLEAR PHOTOS of auction items are a must!  Along with the pictures, provide precise descriptions of all items, measurements, exclusions, and examples of how to utilize the items.  Think of all the items that are a must to see in person to fully appreciate them.  In fact, we arranged for "VIEWING" upon request both virtually and in person.  4. Prearrange your emails and text messages.  Don't overload on them but make them very timely and precise.  5. Chose a weeknight to hold your event.  We found that many had been home all week and wanted to get out on the weekend and not be tied back to their phone or computer.  6. Lastly think through pickup.  This was a great opportunity to visit in person, thank them for their support, learn about their purchase, and gain additional insight as a supporter.  Overall, our virtual silent auction had great results.  We learned a lot and plan to adapt these lessons in to future events.  

What are some of your takeaways or lessons learned from holding virtual events?  

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