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Regional funding opportunities, specific to address immediate and long-term relief efforts related to COVID-19.  


FI Consultant Erica
Joined: 2 months ago
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29/07/2020 10:04 pm  

I recently learned of two regional private funders (one in North Texas and the second in East Texas) and one statewide community funder who has created dynamic, regularly updated webpages to help with identifying funding opportunities and other supports for non-profits in their geographic funding area. Below are the web links:

North Texas region:

East Texas region:

Texas (statewide):

Curious if there are any other regional resources education foundation members have come across in their respective geographic areas (i.e. Central Texas, West Texas, Gulf Coast, South Texas,etc.)?

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FI Consultant Maya
Joined: 2 months ago
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04/08/2020 3:18 pm  

Thank you for sharing this, Erica!

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F: 877.390.4636
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