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FI Consultant Suzi
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I received an email from Guidestar today that promoted a company website called The ad says that the company offers their service free of charge to "qualifying" nonprofits. Not sure if they are looking for IRS qualification or some other aspect. They also offered advice for a socially distanced golf tournament on their website, which I thought might be of interest to some of you. 

From their email: "No-cost access to the technology you need to run safe and successful virtual or traditional golf fundraisers is available to qualifying nonprofits through’s Golf for Good program."

Has anyone used them? 

Randy Lewallyn - Mesquite ISD ED
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I haven't heard of this or used, but it's interesting. My Board has hinted at doing a golf tournament.

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We have not used them, but we did host a socially distanced golf tournament in June 2020. We traditionally host in May, but had postponed it. We almost cancelled, but are so glad we did not! We love golf tournaments, because our courses in San Antonio do most of the work. We recruit, register and bring the sponsors and tee box sign, but they make the rest easy! Golfers seemed to appreciate the opportunity to gather safely in these times. We had social distancing signs, wore masks in club house and common areas when not eating, meals were outside, single carts were available for anyone who wanted one etc. We did have a number of sponsors who decided not to play, but they still wanted to donate to the cause. As an annual event, for many the supporters, the funds were already in their budget. We also initiated a "virtual tee time" for zoom conversations with district leaders for sponsors who wanted to have that face time since there was not the usual casual visiting that they are used to having. They were only 15 minutes and they went very well! Angelica Garza is our event led if are looking for additional information. 

Best of luck!

Judy Geelhoed, SAISD Foundation

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