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Is Your Board Meeting Virtually?  


FI Consultant Suzi
Joined: 1 month ago
Posts: 4
03/06/2020 10:26 pm  

Is your Board meeting virtually or in person? If you are meeting virtually, what is working? What isn't working? 

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Joined: 1 month ago
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03/06/2020 10:32 pm  

McKinney EF is meeting virtually each month. We have a quick Executive Committee meeting just ahead of the Board meeting to prepare us. This meeting ahead of time helps us direct conversation and keep the meeting flowing. Using the "Share Screen" option has been a HUGE help. We can highlight where we are on the Agenda, Budget, etc. Love it!

Randy Lewallyn - Mesquite ISD ED
Joined: 1 month ago
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08/07/2020 5:11 pm  

We met virtually in March, April and May. We attempted to do a hybrid in person / virtual meeting where Board members could choose how to attend. We had technical difficulties with the audio. The folks on the Zoom had trouble hearing the folks in-person. We now know how to resolve that. It would have been nice to have AV support from our Professional Development Center there but after they assisted with setup, they left. Won't do that again.

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