Achievement Award

Texas Education Foundation Network
Achievement Awards

Texas Education Foundation Network (TEFN), a program of the Texas Pioneer Foundation, annually presents Outstanding Achievement Awards to recognize excellence and exceptional performance in best practices of school foundations that are impactful, innovative, outcome driven and makes a difference for their respective schools.  Selected achievements are intended to inspire new ideas that foundations can implement in their organization.  This is a comprehensive application which requests detailed descriptions, outcomes and evaluations of the nominated achievement. An event can be submitted in any category, however, the focus of the application should be on the impact and outcomes of what the event achieved, not the event itself.

Awards will be presented during the TEFN Annual Conference Dinner Program each year.

Nominations for recognition may come from anyone knowledgeable about the foundation, including its board members, staff and school administrators. Only one activity or program per application per category may be nominated for recognition.  There is no limit to how many applications a foundation may submit, however, foundations are only eligible to receive one award overall.

TEFN Awards Selection Committee
The Award Selection Committee is composed of seven representatives selected by the Texas Pioneer Foundation. Members of the committee are nonprofit executive directors, former education foundation directors and consultants nationwide. Members of the Awards Selection Committee are not eligible, during their service to this Committee, to receive an award.

The Committee's objective is to recognize excellence and innovation in the work of education foundations. Specifically, the Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations and determining the recipients for the TEFN Outstanding Achievement Awards. Specific objectives for this year are:

  • Review and determine winners for the TEFN Outstanding Achievement Awards;
  • Work with Texas Pioneer Foundation board to ensure a positive awards process;
  • Further identify opportunities to streamline and standardize awards procedures.

Awards will be selected as follows:

  • Three “Finalists” will be selected in each category and will receive a $1,000 grant;
  • One “Best in Category Award” recipient will be chosen from the three finalists and will receive a $2,000 grant;
  • One “Distinguished Achievement Award” recipient will be chosen from the four Best in Category Awards and will receive a $3,000 grant.