Texas Education Foundation Network (TEFN)

TEFN was launched in 2012 as a program of Texas Pioneer Foundation.  TEFN was created to support local education foundations in Texas by providing networking opportunities, sharing of best practices and providing training & resources needed for foundations to be successful.

The Texas Pioneer Foundation is a private, independent foundation established to support outstanding and innovative educational programs and projects in Texas.

TEFN conference
TEFN education foundation booklet

What are Local Education Foundations?

A local education foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to support its local schools by raising private dollars to invest in innovative programs not funded through local, state or federal taxes.  

Local Education Foundations:

  • fund programs such as innovative teacher grants, professional development, endowments, student scholarships and teacher excellence;
  • connect parents and community organizations with teachers and school administrators to support academic excellence;
  • are governed by a board of directors consisting of local community members who meet regularly to manage and support the operations and programs of the foundation.


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